Our Team

The People Who Bring Our Process To Life

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When People Join Teamalytics They Tend to Stay


In an industry known for high turnover, we are a refreshing exception. Our consulting team includes retired Fortune 500 executives and US Army generals with an average tenure with Teamalytics of more than 12 years.

So, when a consultant gets to know your team, you can count on them being with you for the long haul. They stay with Teamalytics because we practice what we teach. Our culture makes it hard to imagine being anywhere else. That’s why Texas Monthly Magazine ranked us as #2 in their list of Best Companies to Work for in Texas.



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Teamalytics Leaders

Here are some of the people who play leadership roles in our firm.


We Use Analytics and Coaching to Help Your Team Eliminate Counterproductive Behaviors, Have Fun, Hit Goals, and Earn More.

Over the last 25+ years, Teamalytics has collected and analyzed behavioral data on more than 100,000 leaders in many of the largest and most respected organizations in the world.

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Most Trusted Advisor to Many of the Best Companies in the World

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Teamalytics is the most trusted advisor to many of the Fortune 500 when it comes to optimizing team performance to deliver business results.

Many of the world’s most respected private equity firms turn to us for help evaluating the management teams before they invest and then optimizing them to deliver results.

In short, we’re the experts the world’s most successful business teams look to for help solving the complex people issues that make working on teams so challenging.

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