Remove the Obstacles Holding Your Team Back

Hit Goals, Have Fun, Earn More

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The #1 Obstacle Holding Your Team Back: Counterproductive Behavior

In business, yesterday’s wins are never enough. There’s always the next forecast to hit, the next initiative to roll out, the next hill to climb. You want to keep winning at work -- you MUST keep winning at work! But, this can only happen if you and your team deliver business results.

Nothing is more fulfilling than leading a high-performing team that wins together. Yet, this is easier said than done!

Despite your best efforts to be the kind of inspirational, driven leader everyone loves to follow, you still face this challenge: people are smart and talented -- yet they can be frustrating to work with sometimes, and hard to lead.

It’s easy to assume that your people are the problem. We beg to differ!

Your problem is not your team members themselves. Your efforts are being undermined by a stubborn and elusive enemy: counterproductive behavior. Your team’s counterproductive behaviors are standing between you and your goals, bonuses, and promotions.

Have You Observed Any Of These Behaviors On Your Team?

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It’s counter-intuitive but true. Your problem is not your team members themselves. Your problem is the behavior of your team members. And that’s actually really great news!


Because behaviors are a choice and they can be changed!


When Counterproductive Behaviors Go Unaddressed, Here Is What Can Happen:

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Given how hard you and your team work on critically important initiatives, counterproductive behaviors should not be another frustrating cost of doing business you have to put up with.

Working with your team should be productive, fun, and rewarding. And it can be! We can help.

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We Use Analytics and Coaching to Help Your Team Eliminate Counterproductive Behaviors, Hit Goals, Have Fun, and Earn More.


Over the last 25+ years, Teamalytics has collected and analyzed behavioral data on more than 500,000 people in many of the largest and most respected organizations in the world.

Our executive coaches are successful, senior-level leaders with first-hand experience leading their own teams through our accountability process in the context of military units, champion sports teams, and Fortune 500 companies.

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Your Most Trusted Advisor On Teams.

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When it comes to solving the complex people issues that make working on teams so challenging, we are the most trusted advisor to Olympians, professional sports teams and athletes, including multiple NFL championship quarterbacks, military special forces, and many of the Fortune 500 and their CEOs.

Many of the world’s most respected private equity firms turn to us for help evaluating management teams before they invest and then optimizing those teams to achieve their performance objectives post-transaction.

In short, we’re the experts that the world’s most successful business teams look to for help optimizing team performance to deliver business results.

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Your Team Can Deliver More.

Discover the trusted process used by many of the world’s most successful leaders and organizations to create sustainable transformation and competitive advantage by optimizing team performance to deliver business results.


You Can Lead A Team That Everyone Wants to Join.


We all have moments when we feel frustrated, under-appreciated, or discouraged by the people we work with.

But, unless you subdue the stubborn and elusive enemy of counterproductive behavior, you and your team will operate below your potential and, at worst, fail to deliver business results.

This does not have to be your path! You can eliminate counterproductive team behaviors, hit goals, have fun, and earn more.

You can become a respected and admired leader. You can have a productive, loyal, and passionate team that you really enjoy working with. You can have a career that advances quickly, as you and your team deliver win after win.

You can lead a team that everyone wants to join!

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