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A Proven Process for Eliminating Counterproductive Team Behaviors

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The Teamalytics Process Overview

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The first step in the Teamalytics process is Awareness.

Together, in a fun, interactive workshop environment, you and each member of your team will review your individual behavioral data.

You will explore the impact of your own counter-productive behavior on your team’s business results.

Then, you’ll learn how counterproductive behaviors can be eliminated by shifting the right combination of the 13 critical behavioral scales.

Your guide will be one of our senior consultants - a successful executive-level leader with proven experience leading their own teams through our process.

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After reviewing your individual behavioral data, you will explore your team’s aggregated behavioral data. You will discover the impact of your collective counterproductive behaviors on your business results. Then, you’ll develop team-wide goals for removing shared counterproductive behaviors and improving your business results. 

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The second step in the Teamalytics process is Accountability.

You and each team member will create a personalized action (“Traction”) plan to eliminate the counterproductive behaviors identified by your teammates.

You will identify your individual growth goals and behavioral strengths.

Then, you’ll identify two or three counter-productive behaviors and a series of practical, actionable steps that you can take each day to eliminate them.

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The third step in the Teamalytics process is Acceleration.

You and each of your team members will receive ongoing, expert coaching from your senior consultant on successfully executing your Traction plans.

Your team members will give you continual feedback to ensure sustainable improvement and the elimination of counterproductive behaviors.

You’ll update your action plans regularly to reflect your evolving growth goals.

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