What We Do, How We Do It, and Why

First, let me explain what we do.  We make people and organizations better.  There isn't anyone that we can’t help improve.  That's what we do.  We help align their talent with their strategy so that they have the right people doing the right things.  We do gap analysis on talent and we provide behavioral growth plans to close the gaps that are discovered.  We also see to it that the right people are hired and that they are deployed in the right areas so they can use their strengths and talents optimally. Now, let me tell you how we do it.  We use a lot of different tools to help people and organizations grow but the unique thing that we developed is Personal Constraint Theory™ and all of the derivative programs from personal constraints.

Here's a thought for you: No organization can rise above the personal constraints of the leadership.  What are the personal constraints of the leadership?  That's how we do what we do—we find the personal constraints and build behavioral models to break through those constraints.  And just like in sports, when you break a constraint you go further, run faster, jump higher, etc.  In the process, we use some of the most palatable but sophisticated behavioral models available in the world today.

Lastly, I’d like to share why we do it.  We believe everyone has more in them.  We believe that everyone can be better.  We believe that you (and me) have more potential, more capacity, more ability, more talent, more gifts, more influence, more fulfillment, more energy…and we believe you can be more than you ever dreamed.

Our desire is to serve people in becoming the best they can be.  That’s the why for us.  And it’s a good one.