What is your purpose?

Coaching an individual or an organization to its highest potential is a prevalent request in the world of leadership development.  There are four basic ingredients, each interdependent on the other:

  1. The sponsor
  2. The capable coach
  3. The motivated coachee
  4. (most importantly) The defined purpose towards which they are working

The approach, time, and nature of the coaching conversations are shaped by the most potent of the four ingredients: purpose.  Whether it’s coach and coachee or consultant and company, without a clear purpose the two parties can enter an ill-defined cycle of asking: Why are we here and what are we doing this for?  Ultimately, motivation and momentum stall or evaporate in the everyday tasks of business pursuits.  Co-ownership and co-creation of the path, along with shared accountability, fuels motivation toward the agreed-upon purpose.

When considering investing in a leadership development program or executive coach, be sure to provide open and honest input to them and fully review and determine if there is shared agreement on the specific PURPOSE of the coaching engagement.

When we build leadership development programs for companies and individuals, they are always created around specific purpose—our goal is for you to achieve yours!

Think about it—what is your purpose?  What are the outcomes you desire?  Be specific about what you want to achieve and have a plan to get there.  What are the measures along the way that would indicate you are aligning practice with purpose?  Know yourself.  Know your organization.

Because purpose drives everything.

BusinessKim Moore