3 Two-Letter Words The World’s Most Revered Leaders Know… And, They Rhyme!

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Hello, I'm Lyle Wells, two-time National Basketball Coach of the Year, and I want to share with you today three two-letter words that the world's most revered leaders use quite often.

The first two-letter word is, "No." The great leaders, the most revered leaders on the planet leverage the power of priority. And so they're able to say, "Yes" to the right things. But they say, "No" more frequently to things that are not vital to their mission. They don't please everybody, and they don't play in every arena. They say, "No" so they can be at their highest and their best the majority of the time.

The second two-letter word that the most revered leaders on the planet use is, "Go." They give their people permission. When was the last time, leader, you gave somebody on your team permission to go, and dare, and maybe even fail? What's your permission level and level of empowerment? How much freedom do your people feel? You know, as a leader we focus so much of our time on equipping our team that we sometimes forget we need to encourage them, as well. Watch a great coach on the sidelines. They've equipped their team in practice, but in game day - in the most vital times - they're encouraging their team. Saying, "Go."

The most revered leaders on the planet say, "No." They say, "Go." And the last two-letter word that they know very well is, "So." Leaders leverage the power of clarity. They answer the "Why?" question. So when their team starts asking, "Why are we doing this?" "Why is this a priority?" "Why does it matter how I do this?" They're ready to answer, "So..." with a compelling reason and bring clarity to that process, which brings energy to their team.

So which of those three words would make the most impact on your team? Is it, "No?" Are you trying to do too much? Trying to please too many people? Is it "Go?" Do you need to be as much of an encourager as you are an equipper? Or do you have some confusion or lack of clarity on your team? And if you brought the word "So..." with some explanation and answered that vital "Why?" question, would it energize your people and move the needle on their performance? Great leaders, the most revered leaders on the planet leverage the power of priority, they leverage the power of urgency, and they leverage the power of clarity.

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